MTV Music Awards 2013

mtv awards

Moon men have been gracing the stage of the MTV Music Awards for the last 3o years but a new area of music has begun and the moon man is getting a make over. Indy, electricnic dance and a new brand of hip-hop has taken over, as Mumford and Son, Calvin Harris and A$AP Rocky are nominated for a slew of awards.  Drake will be perfomring his new hit single, “Started From The Bottom” live to claim his crown as one of the top performers in hip-hop. Robin Thicke, Kanye West, Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake will also be performing. JT has a red hot acting career and has reignited his music career with the smash single “Suit & Tie” and Kanye always finds a way to bring a sound that is innovative and cutting edge.  RockStar Dreams will be there to take in all of the live action and will announce all of the winners and madness following the show! MTV Music Awards.