Driven artist Taylor Centers

By Ariana Escalante

At just 19 years young singer/songwriter/musician, Taylor Centers is making waves in the music scene in south Florida as a featured performer at the Driven Music Conference.  Centers started recording at the age of 16 and quickly learned how much work it takes to get noticed as a singer in the pop world. After breaking the news to her parents in 2011 that she planned on becoming a professional singer, the family held their breath as they sent their sweet little girl down to a recording studio in Florida to see what she was made of. After only a few notes, it was obvious to the producers that Taylor Centers was something special.

Since then, Centers has spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours writing, recording and promoting her brand. When asked what the hardest part of striving to become a professional singer is, she replied:

“Ugh…practicing (she laughs). I’m a teenager and sometimes I have days when I just don’t feel like practicing piano, singing or turning on that creative switch. But I wake up every day and remind myself that this is what I want to do and I’m not going to quit.”

 She has the raw talent and work ethic to carve out her own lane with the right progression. Her pop harmonies invite her listeners to dance along with her youthful optimism.

One of her favorite ways to come up with lyrics is by talking to her family and friends about things they’re going through in their own lives. She then comes up with the right mix of words to express those feelings with empathy.

Honest and open songwriting is her ultimate goal, Centers connects with her audience in a way that feels authentic. She has the passion and the work ethic to carve out her own lane with the right vocal progression and guidance.

I had the opportunity to watch Taylor Centers perform on stage at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida during the artist showcase at the Driven Music Conference. She is simply a natural standing up there in auburn curls with a stunning smile accompanied by guitar. She fills the stage with grace, power and control. Talk about drive, Centers has a bright future ahead of her and is an artist to watch for.