The Black Diamonds Were Born To Rock

So….you think you want to be a rock star? You think you have what it takes to shred on guitar, bang on the drums and scream at the top of your lungs with the best of em’? Well, stand in line because the Black Diamonds have been shredding guitars and belting vocals since they were born.

The hard rock four-some hails from Haverhill, MA and is a product of DeAngelis Studios. The group formed at a young age and are graduates of the school of rock. With names like AJ Marks (Vocals age -16) Henry McIntyre (Guitar age – 14) Nick Calahan (Drums age – 16) and Wolfgang Burger (Bass age – 12)….yeah, that’s right I said Wolfgang Burger and he’s twelve. We know! If that name doesn’t scream “I was born to fucking rock,” we don’t know what does! (sorry about the language mom and dad, but he earned it).

With songs like “Only Way To Fight!” and “Amp It Up!” they are a nod to rockers that have become before them but are carving out their own path. Black Diamonds recently showcased for Epic Records among other labels at the Driven Music Conference in Atlanta, GA and have a tremendous future ahead.

Tenacious D would be proud of these fine young examples that prove rock is not dead. RSD was created because of bands like this and for those about to rock, we salute you.

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