Hanging Out In London With A Higher Demise

I had a chance to connect with U.K. based metal-core rockers A Higher Demise in the Piccadilly Circus district of London to talk about the making of their recently released EP The Doctor Will See You Now.  Signed to local indie label Ambicon Records, the 5-piece has a tremendous upside and a chance to spread like wildfire with the right exposure as they continue to grow their fan base in and outside of the U.K.  A Higher Demise is a blend of melodies, screaming vocals and heavy drums and guitars. They have the right sound and a standout bassist, whose lime green guitar strings combined with her petite frame, towering bass and killer musicianship makes her stand out on stage.

“Is that the worst you can do to a man that meant the world to you?”  vocalist / guitarist, Terry sings with a hint of his English accent that gives his voice a unique pitch in the opening of their music video for “All These Reasons.” In transition, Charlie accompanies the vocal melodies with thrashing screaming vocals to give their sound an edge. Drummer James bangs on the kit in the background with style and ferocity while talented guitarist Dan adds to the mix on lead guitar (when he’s not wearing sunglasses and drinking a beer).

The morale of the story is , this band is fucking rad and is one to watch for. Check them out for yourself and be sure buy a digital copy of The Doctor Will See You Now.


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