Beck Takes Home Album of the Year – 2015 Grammys

beck-2015-album-of-the-year-grammy-awards-billboard-650Beck deservingly took home Album of the Year at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards for his masterpiece, “Morning Phase.”  This collaboration of friends, fellow producers and artists is a combination of great songwriting, incredible arrangements and has a melodic, laid back and introspective feel. Beck has reached a peak with this record and has come along way since the days of his edgy alternative classic “Loser.” There’s been controversy as to whether Beyoncé or Pharrell Williams who were also nominated should have won the bronze record player in this category. Kanye West’s outburst only further antagonized that notion with his flashback like tantrum comparable to Taylor Swift’s 2009 interruption.

At the end of the day, the Recording Academy and The Grammys got it right. The fact that Beck mentioned that he recorded this album mostly from his home studio with his friends and apologized to his kids watching

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at home for keeping them up at night during his acceptance speech, solidifies why this is such a great record. “Morning Phase” is about the music and it’s from the heart, it’s relatable, it’s complex yet stripped down and it’s true. It’s not overhyped production, pop friendly radio choruses, club beats, or a formulaic and predictable pop record. It’s not about multi-million dollar marketing budgets and arena tours. It’s about Beck, who outshined all of that on his record with a pen and a pad and thoughtful composition reminiscent of Bob Dylan classics. From, the first song “Cycle” to the echoes of “Don’t Let It Go” and the opening pianos and instrumental section on “Waking Light,” this album draws you in and invites you to listen. The vocals and melodies are soothing and It’s the type of album that should be heard on vinyl to appreciate it even further.  Beck’s, Heart Is A Drum and it is beating right over those who think otherwise.  Sorry Kanye, you’re wrong.


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