Phoenix Lights Festival – This Is How True Music X Throws A Party

The last time True Music X founder Jarid Dietrich threw a party, Capital Cities and Wiz Khalifa showed up with the VW Bus from Burning Man,  jammed packed with hipsters who then jumped out of an airplane and sky dived into the music festival. Don’t take our word for it, watch if for yourself here so you know what to expect when the Phoenix Lights go out and the dance party begins.

Dietrich and his team at True Music X in partnership with Relentless Beats have managed to do it again and have created the electronic dance music festival, Phoenix Lights taking place at Civic Space Park in Phoenix, Arizona on March 22, 2015.

PHXlightsTo name drop the DJ lineup, Hardwell, Robin Schulz, Route 94, Zeds Dead and Lane 8. No big deal, they’ve managed to amass some of the greatest DJs in the world and are making a name for themselves to rival lineups at EDC and Ultra. I caught up with Dietrich earlier this week.

AE: Two years ago you pulled off the multi-genre True Music Festival. Now you’ve managed to welcome some of the greatest DJs in the world to Phoenix, AZ for the Phoenix Lights Festival. How did you make this happen?

JD: It takes a lot of time and a lot of big dreams to pull something like this off. So many people told me “no, you can’t do this.” You have to keep the vision. You have to keep knocking down doors until you accomplish your dream. It took a good couple years to put this thing together, but it had been an idea for much longer than that. Earlier in my life I was producing shows locally and got to the point where I wanted, more than anything else, to just bring great music to the people of Arizona on a much larger scale.

AR: You’ve managed to book Hardwell, Robin Schulz, and Zeds Dead to name a few. Can you walk us through what that process is like booking these huge names?

JD: My main priority has been to create a foundation of trust among these artists. When dealing with artists of this magnitude, you have to ensure the quality of the festival so that they feel comfortable and confident bringing their act to this event. We are a young festival but we have focused on building a solid reputation since day one.

AR: What can fans expect at the Phoenix Lights Festival?

JD: They can expect a quality event. They can expect some of the greatest artists in the world. They can expect the experience they deserve. PLF will be over the top in every way. The more that locals love this festival and take ownership of it, the more successful it will be for everyone involved. All I can say is, this year’s line-up will be the first of its kind.

AR: How is the collaboration with Relentless Beats going to make this an unforgettable experience?

JD: Those guys are awesome! They have such a deep passion for electronic music specifically. They take what they do very seriously. Often time’s people don’t realize the opportunities they are presented with among the people they encounter. Consider every relationship an opportunity to collaborate, it just might work out.

AR: What’s next for True Music X?

JD: I can’t give anything away just yet for the next True Music Festival happening in December, but I will say this…we will keep building our foundation of quality, we will continue to evolve our concepts, and we will stay true to our values. Definitely come check it out. You won’t regret it.



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