Album Review: Connector – I The Mighty

Album Review: Connector by I The Mighty

Reviewer: @kalie_martin

Rating: 4 out of 5 guitars 

Go Listen To: “Playing Catch With .22”

headerSimply put, I The Mighty’s second full-length album Connector creates a sense of excitement for what’s to come from this band. This recent release via Equal Vision Records is familiar yet differentiating from the group’s previous works, proving to be a step in the right direction and establishing these San Francisco post-hardcore rockers as a band that’s here to stay. Connector features tracks with the same melodic aggression previously established as their signature sound, but infuses new pop influences to create more marketability than ever before. Vocalist and frontman Brent Walsh’s effortless talent for perfecting storytelling through his lyrics, combined with production by Mike Green (All Time Low, Paramore, Pierce The Veil) creates a noticeably more polished sound compared to prior releases.

Connector’s first single and standout track, “Playing Catch with .22” focuses on the quintessential dilemma of falling in love with a best friend and leaves listeners singing along to the catchy chorus “You’re just a second away from being in love or alone.” The second single, “Adrift”, continues with the heavy structure found on previous works while moving past the singer’s traditional hopeless romantic lyrical content and instead touches on his disdain for the current state of the world. Another track worth mentioning, “Friends”, builds upon the fresh upbeat tone for the album as a whole, complete with gang vocals and a bridge feature by Say Anything’s Max Bemis. The closing track and highly anticipated first installment of ITM’s the “Frame” trilogy stretching over the group’s past 3 releases definitely does not disappoint fans who have been following ITM since the Karma Never Sleeps EP.  Overall, Connector leaves a lasting impression of wanting to hear more from the group and positions them perfectly for their 1st US headlining tour this summer 6/25 – 7/24.

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