Drake vs Meek Mill Is Heating Up


photo - bluntiq.com
photo – bluntiq.com

The beef between Drake and Meek Mill continues to heat up. Meek Mill was apparently upset that Drake did not help promote Meek’s record that he was featured on and leaked rumors that Drake used a ghost writer on previous albums (which proved to be untrue).

Meek Mill decided to take shots at the MC who continues to stay on top of the Billboard charts. In our opinion, there is no Drake vs Meek Mill. You can’t deny Drake’s overall number of hit songs, mass appeal and status on top of the hip-hop and music world. Meek Mill has his following of hip-hop heads but there is no contest here, #TeamDrake on this one.

It’s unfortunate when other artists have to make excuses or try to tear down their peers to try and boost their own egos and careers. Follow your dreams with inegretity and stay true to yourself.


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