2015 MTV VMAs – Where are all the rock bands?

moonmanEvery year, there is guarenteed to be a shocking moment during the MTV Video Music Awards.  The 2015 VMAs did not disappoint in that regard, from the outrageous Miley Cyrus to an akward Kanye West.  

What was disappointing however was the fact that no rock bands performed during the VMAs. No Walk the Moon, no Hozier, they played pre-show events even though they were both nominated for Rock Video of the Year.  21 Pilots along with A$AP Rocky were the only band to grace the main stage and were one of the bright spots of the VMAs.  However, there wasn’t a single guitar in sight.

There are so many good punk, rock or even metalcore bands that could’ve complimented the 2015 VMAs and stayed true to MTV’s roots.  Foals, Fall Out Boy, Pierce The Veil or even The Wonder Years, just sayin.’


My opinion aside, our Heather Murdock keeps it raw, real and tells it like it is. Watch her recap of the 2015 MTV VMAs.  





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