Slipknot Slayed Aftershock

Aftershock girlsAftershock wrapped up this past weekend and proved that heavy metal and rock n’ roll are not dead.  Add a few of the most iconic metal and rock bands over the last two decades including Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Deftones and Stone Temple Pilots, add one part Monster Energy drink, a shot of Jack Daniels,  then mix in tens of thousands of fans and you have the makings of a perfect metal Moltav cocktail.  Aftershock lit up Northern California and we were there to throw up our rock horns.     

It was cool to see generations of metal fans come together to continue to support this music scene. Metal heads took over Gibson Ranch just outside of Sacramento, CA for an entire weekend. Whether it was a 12-year old fans first show or a 40 year-old fans 400th show, Aftershock brought out the masses and delivered. 

We love covering bands that break big from humble beginnings and relative obscurity to then define their own sound and become one of the biggest bands in the world.  Slipknot, are living legends and have come a long way since their self-titled breakout record back in 1999.  Fronted by the charismatic Corey Taylor, the masks and men that make up the iconic band absolutely slayed the crowd at Aftershock on Saturday night.  Their live show is dark, gritty, raw and one of the best you will ever see.  Between the monstrous percussions coming out of spinning steel drum kits of Shawn “Clown” Crahan and Chris Fehn and the heavy guitars of Mick Thomson, Slipknot left everything out on the stage and mesmerized the crowd. 


U.K. rockers Bring Me The Horizon made their way across the pond and also delivered a stellar performance night one. The lineup the team behind Aftershock managed to pull off is pretty incredible.  BMTH is at the height of the career with the recent release of “That’s the Spirit.”  Lead singer Oli Sykes is a true rock star and riled up with crowd by provoking mosh pits in his native accent before transitioning into each song.   


Marilyn Manson was super creepy on extended stilts and crutches and Black Veil Brides and Beartooth raged earlier in the day.  Breaking Benjamin lit up red light sabers on stage while performing a rock version of the “Imperial March” in tribute to the new Star Wars release, which was badass. 

It turned dark and dusty fast and you couldn’t help but breathe in dirt with the masses shuffling their feet.  The traffic was a little rough leaving the venue night one but if you’re not getting a little dirty, sweaty and waiting in an elephant line to leave than you’ve never experienced a music festival. 

Overall,  Aftershock was a rad and a must attend for true metal and rock fans.  No matter where you are in the world, we highly recommend making the trip to next year’s Aftershock and becoming a part of the mayhem. 

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