Machine Gun Kelly “General Admission” Review

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Get ready to lace up, Machine Gun Kelly throws an EST19xx flag in the ground with the release of his sophmore album General Admission. First let me start out by saying that there is only one illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, All Eyez on Me, Juicy and The Slim Shady LP just like there is only one Lace Up, MGK’s classic first release.  

With that said General Admission is a statement album. MGK has arrived and fought through adversity to achieve commercial hip-hop success through a relentless work ethic and a fierce loyalty to his fans.

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The opening track “Spotlight” (featuring Lzzy Hale) lets the world into the mind of MGK and his constant struggle with fame and the people, places and experiences that helped shape the MC into one of the best in the business.  To live in the spotlight, “why should I die, why should I kill myself for you,” Lzzy Hale echoes on the chorus. This song is a powerful track and will send chills down your spine as MGK closes the song with “welcome to the show.”

“Till I Die,” highlights MGK’s love for his city of Cleveland.  He has put Cleveland on his shoulders and has become a beacon of hope for others in the struggle who are trying to become more than their circumstances.

Fast forward to “World Series,” better yet watch the music video which is a parody of the final fight scene in the British gangster film Snatch. MGK brings his own punk rock and hip-hop edge to the character as he spits versus between clips of the fight.  We dig the concept and also the nod to 2 Pac, “picture me rolling.”


One thing you have to respect about MGK is that he is a student of the game and if you grew up and /or are a fan of mid 90’s mid-western hip-hop you know all about Crucial Conflict’s infectious track “Hay” which MGK tastefully samples with a nod of respect.

Other than Kid Rock being featured on “Bad Mother F*cker,” this album does not quite have the powerhouse collabs like Lace Up.  However, this is a solid record.  We give General Admission 3.5 out of 5 guitars. Whether your an avid MGK fan or just getting looped in, this is a must follow MC who is about to change the game. BUY General Admission and Lace Up on Itunes.

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