Hanging Out with L.A. Locals Naked Walrus at The Silverlake Lounge

photo – nakedwalrus.com

We had the opportunity to hang out with L.A. locals Naked Walrus before their set at The Silverlake Lounge at the east end of the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, CA.  

Led by charismatic frontman Dakota Gartner (vocals / rhythm guitar) – Hayden Bush (lead guitar) – Andy Hart (bass) and Zach Tonkin (drums), these indie rockers are slowly starting to make a name for themselves in the competitive Los Angeles music scene.

There was a little bit of a lull in the crowd at the intimate but jam packed venue before Naked Walrus tusked up to break the stage.  Their various backgrounds layer compelling melodies over alternative rock guitar riffs and a garage band sound that is engaging and invites you to throw your rock horns up and your tusks down.  

Gartner intro’d the band as “Naked Star Wars” for kicks then thanked the crowd for missing the opening night of Star Wars to check them out before cementing proudly, “We are Naked Walrus!” Singles, “Fire” and “All In” were highlights as Gartner kept the crowd rolling with witty one liners in between songs. Hayden Bush was a solid wing man on lead guitar and Andy Hart threw down on bass while Zach Tonkin owned the drum kit. It was a fun set and a crowd pleaser.  Check out our interview with Naked Walrus and be sure to support the band and purchase their latest EP “All In” on Itunes.

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