Hanging Out With Matt Traynor of Bless The Fall

Interview | Videography: THEAJRODRIQUEZ

We had a chance to connect with Matt Traynor of Bless The Fall who is arguably one of the best drummers in metalcore 

photo - Sanjay Parikh
photo – Sanjay Parikh

His drum technique is absolutely massive as evident in Bless The Fall’s latest video for “Walk On Water.”  Traynor was in Phoenix, AZ recently to shoot a music video with up and coming hip-hop artist Whitney Peyton.  

Rockstardreams.com will be releasing an exclusive interview documenting the rise of the emerging hip-hop star along with the debut of a rock version of her song “Woopty Woo Woo.”

Traynor laid down the percussions for the track and was accompanied on guitar by Zack Hansen (The Word Alive) and Matt Good (From First To Last).  Here’s what he had to say.  

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Be sure to catch Bless The Fall on TOUR and check out their new album “To Those Left Behind” released through Fearless Records and available for PURCHASE NOW on iTunes. 

Also, take a look at our PHOTOS of Bless The Fall from Warped Tour 2015.

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