The NAMM Show Should Be On Everyone’s Bucket List

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The NAMM Show 2016 wrapped up this past weekend in Anaheim, CA and it was a vibrant circus of music, people and culture  

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The top gear manufacturers and mom and pops from around the world including Fender, Les Paul, NORD keyboards, Ernie Ball, Pioneer and SJC Custom Drums showcased their latest and greatest music tech and gear.  

Thousands of music fans, artists, gear heads and music industry pros poured into the Anaheim Convention Center over a four day period to mix and mingle and check out what’s next.

“My favorite part of the show has been the people. Everyone’s so passionate and candid, making the experience so incredible!”

– Jamie Klavano, Vienna International Inc.

Even if you’re not an artist or in the music industry, The NAMM Show is a must attend at least once in your life.  It is an incredible artistic and engaging experience that will surround your senses.  

If you weren’t previously vested in music culture, you will be once you hit the show room floor. Check out the American Elite Series of guitars from Fender being demonstrated with precision.




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Green Day | Twenty One Pilots (photo courtesy of The Lippin Group)

What also makes The NAMM Show so unique, is that at any given moment you could be rubbing elbows with some of the most iconic artists topping the charts along with Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famers.

Rob Zombie and his wife were hanging out next to us as we were throwing down tacos from a food truck just outside of the venue.

Machine Gun Kelly was jamming with his boy Rook in the GoPro Booth. Avenged Sevenfold was signing autographs at Schecter Guitars and Tre’ Cool of Green Day and Josh Dun of 21 Pilots were banging on the new Tour Series drum kits by SJC Custom Drums.

We had a chance to connect with Mike Ciprari,  drummer and entrepreneur who co-founded SJC Drums along with his brother Scott J. Ciprari.  


The rise of SJC is what we are all about here at Rock Star Dreams, it’s not about the lifestyle and success itself but everything it takes to get there.  Since launching 15 years ago, SJC Drums has been on tour with bands like The Used, Story of the Year, Rancid and Jimmy Eat World in addition to the previously mentioned Green Day and 21 Pilots. They have a really compelling story and brand. Take a listen to what Mike had to say. 



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The NAMM Show is such a melting pot of different music styles that there is something for everyone.

With the popularity of EDM breaking the fold over the last few years and a continued love for hip-hop, Pioneer showcased an incredible lineup of turntables, speakers and software at the Pioneer DJ Booth.  

It was fun to watch the eye’s of aspiring DJs and producers light up as they mixed on the turntables and imagined the possibilities of the music they could create.

Exceptional sound quality has been bumping from Pioneer speakers and filling ears for decades.  

It was cool to experience the progression of this legendary brand and their ability to remain cutting edge to connect with the next generation of artists. 



All of the rad gear and artist sightings aside, the most beautiful thing about The NAMM Show is the strong sense of community.  Sure it’s a bit of a zoo with people from all parts of the world walking and talking in all directions but beneath the chaos there is togetherness.  

Music is universal and it is meant to be shared. RSD salutes NAMM and everyone involved, thank you for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful journey. We can’t wait for next year!

“The music is always the most important part of our relationship. It’s the essence of what we do. Nothing ever came before that. We never lost sight of the power we had through music.”

– Graham Nash, recipient of the 2016 NAMM Music for Life Award

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