Wiz Khalifa “Khalifa” Album Review

photo - iTunes.com
photo – iTunes.com

Wiz Khalifa dropped his highly anticipated sixth studio album, Khalifa on February 5th, 2016 

Reviewer: Joseph Nelson 

Khalifa in a way is a return to form for Wiz Khalifa, not to take away from his earlier releases.  The album has many of the topics and themes we have grown accustomed to; drugs (primarily weed), women, money, love, pain and Wiz’s admiration for his city, Pittsburgh.

 Khalifa has many of the same usual collaboration partners, including Taylor Gang label mates Chevy Woods, Ty Dolla $ign and Juicy J.  At the same time, it introduces the mainstream to some artists we may might not have heard of before such as Courtney Noelle and Bash.  Khalifa also showcases featured artists, specifically Travis Scott on the lead single “Bake Sale” and Rico Love on “Celebrate.” 

Khalifa also brings a bountiful of hip hop’s top producers to round out the sound of the album from Juicy J (also an executive producer) and Metro Boomin (“Jumpman”) all the way to Boi-1da (“No New Friends”). The album has its stand out tracks while containing a few that are forgettable, to say the least. The album starts off strong with tracks like “Elevate” and “City View,” but towards the end it doesn’t maintain that same impact.  “Call Waiting” stuck out for it’s vibe and the approach Wiz took by singing throughout its entirety.  It is definitely one of the more memorable tracks.

The lead single, “Bake Sale” reminds me too much of featured artist, Travis Scott’s “Antidote”. I understand it is Scott’s signature and the way he delivers his sound, but the entire time the lyrics of “Antidote” were going through my mind while listening to “Bake Sale.”  It is a track that honestly could have been left off the album or, at least, a lot more effort put into it, so it didn’t sound so familiar with Travis’ other works.  When first hearing “Make a Play”, I thought the featured artist was Lil Wayne as J.R. Donato has the same delivery and similar sounding vocals.

It isn’t all negative, as you get a mix of old school Wiz specifically his earlier sound on mix tapes like Cabin Fever.  The truly stand out track on the album is “Zoney” as he shares a heartfelt moment with his son, Sebastian.

Looking past all the drug and money references you get a glimpse of what truly matters in his life.  Overall the album is worth a listen.  It would have been nice to get a bit deeper into overall subject matters but that isn’t the artist that Wiz is. I will say, Khalifa is an album that defines the Wiz we’ve grown to know over the years. BUY Khalifa NOW on iTunes

Overall, we give Khalifa 3 out of 5 Guitars

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