Coachella Is More Than Music, It’s Nourishment For The Soul

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The annual Coachella Arts & Music Festival wrapped up this past weekend in Coachella Valley, CA  in the middle of the desert just outside of Palm Springs.  We hopped in an RV with a Go Pro and drove down from our HQ in San Francisco, CA to take in the first weekend.


Coachella has become one of the largest and most recognized music festivals in the world.  It includes a diverse range of artists, vendors and experiences for fans and is a must add to your bucket list.  It’s music emersion and especially fun when hip-hop artists incite mosh pits.  We survived Joey Bada$$.

                            Video – TheClaudoz

G-Eazy headlined the Sahara tent and was one of the most highly anticipated artists both weekends.  What makes Coachella so unique is that every year there are guest artist surprises and collaborations. G-Eazy brought Lil’ Wayne on stage while Ice Cube lit it up with N.W.A. and Snoop Dog.


SIA had to be one of our favorite overall performances both from a musical standpoint and artistically. Her 14-year old side kick and dance phenome Maddie Zieglar stole the show song after song with incredible performances.

From the colorful people, to the food the art installations, Coachella surrounds your senses and embraces your soul. It gets a bit dusty and windy but it’s worth choking on some dirt to see so many incredible artists in  one place.  Where else can you see EDM artists Jack U and Calvin Harris share the same venue with country artist Chris Stapelton, rockers Guns N’ Roses, Foals and Wolfe Alice and hip-hop artists Ice Cube and G-Eazy.  It’s just dope and a passing of the torch from one generation to the next. Live on Coachella, live on.




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