G-Eazy Back To The Block Review

image1800 Tequila and Billboard have teamed up for Back To The Block, a private concert concert series bringing the hottest hip-hop artists in the game back to their hometowns for a private showcase for fans. Lucky fans are selected after entering the give aways that are announced through Billboard.

I like to step out from behind the camera,  walk away from the keyboard and put down the pen and just be a fan at times.

I read Billboard.com daily, saw the sweepstakes pop up to see G-Eazy at his old stomping grounds in Oakland, CA and went for it. Seven hours before the show I was notified that I had won two tickets.


I just seen G-Eazy, one of my favorite MCs, a few weeks ago at Coachella where he crushed it on his mom’s 60th birthday.  I was stoked to see him again at a more intimate venue on his home turf.  Gerald has been on our radar for a while to interview so I jumped at the chance to take in another gig and observe the talented MC in his element. I was compelled to pick up the pen from a fans perspective.  It’s fair to say that G is one of the hardest working cats in the game right now and his sophmore album When Its Dark Out has solidified his status on the Billboard charts.


imageThe show took place last night at The New Parish, the very first venue G-Eazy performed with his boy Monty Grimes in their native Oakland, CA.  As fans packed the house, family and close friends could be seen wandering the open second floor railings waiting for their man to come on.

The buzz started to build quickly as the DJ hyped the crowd and red beams shot across faces sipping on 1800 tequila cocktails.  The lights dimmed, then a photo of G-Eazy’s eyes behind red film flashed across the screen as the crowd erupted.  The beat for “Random” dropped and G took the stage in his signature black and the place went nuts. You could feel the hometown love as pure energy swept across the room.


G bounced from tracks on When It’s Dark Out to classics from albums These Things Happen and Must Be Nice. The dude is clean on the mic, has charisma for days and a 007 swag that the ladies love. If I’m not mistaken G had one gorgeous girl in balcony hanging out next to his mom stage right, rockin’ a backwards A’s cap and a camouflage jacket. Then another stunning chick directly across from her, stage left that was mean mugging the whole time while trying to get his attention.  Just speculating but I couldn’t help but laugh while vibing. Dude has game and lives up to his lyrics.


The venue was already lit when G closed out with his smash hit “Me, Myself and I” featuring Bebe Rexha and all but tore The New Parish down.  G connected with the crowd in a genuine way, gave thanks to his friends, family and the people who helped him along the way.  He’s been paying dues for 11 years and earned his shine. No doubt G-Eazy has the work ethic, tenacity, lyrically prowess and fan base to have staying power. Girls want to be with him and dudes want to be him. Welcome back to the block Gerald.


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