Hail Sagan Sign to EMP Label Group

photo - hailsaganofficial.com
photo – hailsaganofficial.com

The 4-piece band Hail Sagan feature power vocals and blend elements of alternative rock / heavy metal and metalcore.  They are fronted by lead vocalist Sagan Amery and her bandmates The Nothing (featuring Guitarist Nick Quijano also of Powerman 5000 / Guitarist Andrew Weissberg of Eyes of One and Producer / Drummer Greg Johnson).

We caught up with a few of the members behind the St. Felix in Hollywood, CA to discuss their single “Dark Cloud” and what’s next for these emerging artists.

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One thought on “Hail Sagan Sign to EMP Label Group

  1. Avery Hamlin says:

    It is beyond offensive that Hail Sagan are using an anti bullying platform to promote themselves.Avery Sagan bullies and abuses disabled persons. I live in the same building as her and there are 4 disabled persons that live here. She continually causes intentional noise nuisances which greatly affect those who are vulnerable, She screams at them using hate speech, bullies and intimidates them. She also filmed her video for Dark Cloud without permits or notice to the landlords or tenants. She has violated the privacy rights of all the residents of this building as well as violating criminal law regarding Los Angeles filming mandates and ordinances. She is attempting to bully and harass the disabled individuals that live here to continue to use this residential building as her own personal studio.

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