Chance The Rapper Continues To Elevate His Game

Chance The Rapper photo -
Chance The Rapper photo –

Chicago hip-hop artist, Chance The Rapper continues to evolve as an artist and redefine the ever changing music landscape.  After being photo bombed during an interview by super star Beyonce’  at The MTV Music Awards, Chance aptly uttered, “This is my life right now.” Indeed it is.

After rising to fame after his sophomore mixtape Acid Rap  gained critical acclaim, he was elevated to XXL’s Freshman Class the following year.  Chance’s star has just begun to shine.  Prior to this year he has released all of his music for free and has playfully denied the attempts of major record labels trying to sign him on songs like “Angels.”  Chance exclusively released his debut album Coloring Book  through Apple Music.  It became the first streaming album to reach the Billboard Top 200 album charts debuting in the the top 10.


The significance of this release proves the staying power of streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and Tidal who are all competing for artist exclusives and market share.  This shift in consumer behavior is also triggering the major record labels to react and consider new partnerships with these streaming services.  Artists like Chance The Rapper and Kanye West who released The Life of Pablo through Tidal are leaders of the new school on how artists are choosing to release their music.  So far, Chance The Rapper has created legions of music fans who not only respect his music but also his calculated business acumen.  Keep coloring and writing new chapters my man, the world and the music industry is yours.



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