Oxymorrons Are Complex But Basic

Oxymorrons in NY
photo – Oxymorrons in NY

Over the last few years, Oxymorrons have carved out their own brand of hip-hop by blending fresh beats with thought provoking lyrics

Founding members Demi, Kami, Matty Mayz, Jiggity and Mr. November do not fit into the typical box for what constitutes a “hip-hop group”  by industry standards.  That’s exactly what makes them different and why you should listen.

They don’t apologize for who they are and they make music that they love and that people can relate to.  This 5-piece is fearless and they have a sound that might just disrupt the hip-hop game.


“Our message alone is ‘let us take the blows, let us liberate you. If you’re scared to be different, we are showing the rest of the world it’s okay to be different. We’ll make you cool, step out on us…’ It’s all about the music, having fun, living life and being the best you can be no matter what you’re doing,” says Demi. Their ‘Geek Life’ movement.  Which Demi explains is “about a state of mind, not about being a certain kind of person. Anyone can be a geek. A person is called a geek because of the passion with which they act or speak about what they like – sports, fashion, technology… you don’t need a pocket protector and some glasses to be a geek.”

Signed to Tommy Boy Entertainment, Oxymorrons have been paying dues and are primed to release their debut album Complex But Basic on October 14th.  They are currently on tour with Astronautalis in support of their album.  Don’t sleep on these guys, they might just make their way to the top of your playlist and the Billboard charts.

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