Machine Gun Kelly Covers the Foo Fighter’s “Everlong”

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One of our favorite punk rock and hip-hop rock n’ rollers, Machine Gun Kelly pays tribute to the Foo Fighters

Not only can MGK throw down a hot 16  bars, he can play a little guitar as well. Citing other bands like Blink 182 and Rise Against in addition to his hip-hop idols as some of his musical influences, Machine Gun Kelly usually throws in a rock cover at every live show.

MGK, rose to fame with his breakout major label debut Lace Up  released on Interscope Records in 2012.  He’s been building a loyal fanbase ever since and continues to collaborate with artists in the rock and hip-hop game to fine tune his craft and evolve his sound. Machine Gun Kelly is a free spirit who does what he wants and want feels right. I think you’ll dig this.  Check this out this cover of “Everlong” featuring Tillie.

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