Eminem Slays Donald Trump on “Campaign Speech”

Eminem vs. Donal Trump "Campaign Speech" photo - usweekly.com
Eminem vs. Donald Trump “Campaign Speech” photo – usweekly.com

Eminem drops “Campaign Speech” just as the presidential election comes to a close.

There are lyrical assassins and then there is Eminem, who stands alone as the greatest lyricist in the history of hip-hop in our opninion.  Slim Shady is no stranger to controversy and just slayed Donald Trump and George Zimmerman to name a couple of his victims in his latest release “Campaign Speech.”  The song is an 8 minute freestyle of Slim going off on the current state of politics and people who he feels deserve a good tongue lashing.  The wordplay on this track is mind blowing and hilarious.  Eminem is still the king of diss tracks. Enjoy!

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