The Hunna Keep It 100

The Hunna - photo courtesy of Golightly Media
The Hunna – photo courtesy of Golightly Media

The Hunna combine infectious pop melodies with heavy guitar riffs and exceptional song writing.

Three things are for certain about the U.K. based indie rock band The Hunna.  First, British rockers look way cooler holding Dixie cups than the rest of us.

Second, their single “Bonfire” is a hit that is just starting to warm up.  Third, Lyor Cohen, Founder of 300 Entertainment who signed the band, current Global Head of Music at YouTube and one of the most influential music industry executives in history, responsible for signing and promoting acts like The Beastie Boys, Jay-Z, The Killers, Elvis Castello and The Black Keys knows potential when he sees it.

By the time you get to the chorus of this song and after reading our stellar interview, The Hunna might just become your new favorite band.  Working with esteemed producers, Tim Larcombe (Halsey, Lana Del Rey) and Duncan Mills, The Hunna released their debut album, “100.” Check dates for their current U.S. tour, The Hunna are the real deal.

RSD:  First off, we love “Bonfire.” Second, furry rabbit masks are under utilized in music videos. So, thank you for that. What was the inspiration and songwriting process like when you began to envision this song?

TH: Aha bunny rabbits masks are the future! Well Ryan came in to the rehearsal room with a guitar slider and played us these cool chords, sounded epic, from there we developed it to the song it is today. With any song we usually have an emotion from that time that we try and harness in our music.

RSD: The Hunna have been taking the U.K. by storm, your album “100″ debuted at #13 on the U.K. Album Charts and #3 on the Indie Charts. Obviously, you’re starting to breakthrough as emerging artists but how did this band of mates get together in the first place?

TH: We all live in the same area in Watford, England. Dan and Ryan met in music college when they were 16, where they played in different bands. Jermaine and Dan have been friends since year 2 and learnt to play guitar together at school. Always known of Jack from local bands in the area since we we’re in secondary school. 4 years ago we found ourselves in the same space together and felt that this was something special. From there The Hunna was born.

RSD: Just a theory but did Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Daniel Johns of Silverchair have a threesome with Courtney Love to give birth to your lead vocalist Ryan Potter?

TH: Trying to keep it under wraps but I guess the secrets out now…

RSD:  You’re about to conquer North America with Jimmy Eat World, The Struts, Night Riots and The Shelters at various points over the next few months. What can your American audience expect at a live show?

TH: An absolutely LIT experience, with raw rock and roll and a new gnarly twists!

RSD:  You will be playing up the street from our HQ at The Fillmore Theatre in San Francisco, CA on November 2nd. Artists ranging from Janis Joplin to Otis Redding to The Doors, Metallica and The Smashing Pumpkins have played this iconic music hall. What is like for you knowing that you will be playing a stage graced by some of the biggest bands of yesteryear and today?

TH: It’s an amazing opportunity and an honor to play venues such as this. We look up to so many bands and have such a wide range of inspirations.

RSD:  Well, we are stoked to catch your live set and see you soon. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to buy you a drink. Whiskey, beer or cocktails?

TH:  Let’s have the lot! Cheers up!

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