Oxymorrons Have Been Through It All

The alternative hip-hop group Oxymorrons are navigating their way through the music industry and uniting people along the way.

Oxymorrons Ki and Deee at Thee Parkside in SF photo – @Rockstardreams1

I’ve had this band on my radar for a while and finally had a chance to see them live in our backyard at Thee Parkside in San Francisco. All around genuine dudes and talented musicians, they combine compelling lyrics with instrumental fusions and genre blurring melodies that embrace hip-hop, alternative rock, blues, R&B, EDM, pop and jazz.

Their songs are personal yet inviting, thoughtful, inspiring, positive, unapologetic and represent a melting pot of musical styles while carving out a path that is all their own.

Complex But Basic, their recently released 9 track EP is distributed through their former label Tommy Boy Entertainment.  After fulfilling their obligations, Oxymorrons are amicably parting ways with the label and forging ahead with a new vision and focus.  Songs like “Awesome,” “Freak Parade,” “Asleep,” and “Hello Me” all have a chance to chart and each songs is a sample of their own individual influences. We connected with the band for a fews minutes before their set to share their back story, thoughts on music and what advice they have for other emerging artists.


Witnessing their live show first hand, they perform with the vocal and musical eloquence of De La Soul merged with the head banging physicality of House of Pain. They go for it each and every song and perform with a passion and purpose that draws you in.


They connected with their audience like all great bands do, however something special happened. Half way through the set, frontman Deee noticed a fan wearing a large safety pin anchored on the leftside of her chest and he inquired about it in between songs. It wasn’t a punk rock fashion statement or there to hold her threads together, it represented a “safe place.”

With political and racial tensions dividing the country something profound happened and we all paused.  As Deee brought the young lady on stage to share her thoughts, the emotions started to pour out as she explained that wearing a safety pin represents that you are a “safe place.” You are someone that others can confide in and talk to without judgement if you feel fearful or threatened in any way.  You are open arms and a safe place. It’s a movement of unity and peace regardless of what race, social class or sexuality you are.  It means you are welcomed and for a second we all were, physically and metaphorically. A feeling of optimism, thankfulness and mutual respect washed over the crowd. She shared her words, then Deee shared a few of his and we all connected.


Regardless of who you were, where you came from or what your background was, we were all Oxymorrons in that moment, defiant of the negative climate outside of our walls while embracing respect, love, unity and truth through music. There was nothing else, we are all asleep don’t wake us up.

Oxymorrons living in the moment with their fans photo - @Rockstardreams1
Oxymorrons living in the moment with their fans photo – @Rockstardreams1

Complex But Basic is out NOW

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