Metallica and Napster Are Together Again

Metallica in San Juan, Puerto Rico photo -
Metallica in San Juan, Puerto Rico photo –

17 years after Metallica’s infamous lawsuit, the band’s entire catalog is now available on Napster.

Napster was one of the first music industry disruptors of the digital age in the early 2000’s. The then peer-to-peer music file sharing service was not regulated and Metallica filed a copyright and infringement lawsuit.

Napster says in a statement via Billboard, “The release of Metallica’s new album comes at an incredible time for streaming music with streaming subscriptions accounting for almost half of industry sales in the first half of 2016. Today, Napster is a legal, paid subscription service with a catalog of over 40 million tracks. We are thrilled to bring Metallica’s full catalog to Napster subscribers around the world.”

This landmark case was a turning point in how music is listened to and shared by consumers paving the way for services like iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Beats Music and now the newly revamped Napster which was purchased by Rhapsody.  Times change, here’s to pushing music forward and squashing old beefs.

Metallica are back to their thrash metal roots with their new album Hardwire… to Self-Destruct which available Nov. 18th.

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