Band to Watch For: Face The King

Face The King blend hard rock rhythms with powerful raspy vocals.

Face The King photo -
Face The King photo –

Their single “The Sea” is a compelling song that draws you in from the first chord. It’s powerful, confident and invites you to overcome any obstacles in your life.

Recorded live at Terminus Studios in Times Square in New York, this band has the passion, musicianship and songwriting to build a strong fanbase and capture the attention of record labels if they stay the course. Face The King are a band to watch for.

“With their very first full length album coming over the horizon with platinum producer Rob Freeman (Gym Class Heroes), Face The King is touring the country and are readying themselves for a major release. Believing that the live show is an experience that is shared between the band and the audience, Face The King is earning a reputation as a band you need to experience live. Face The King is not waiting for a label to hand them a deal – they are earning it the way it was meant to be earned: by hitting the road and making new fans” –

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