Karma Is On Whitney Peyton’s Side

Philly, PA MC Whitney Peyton Signs with Tragic Hero Records (photo – @sanjayparikhphoto)

Alternative hip-hop artist Whitney Peyton continues to carve out her own lane.

On the heels of her independently released sophomore album Firecracker, Peyton continues to evolve lyrically and musically. Under the guidance of Powerline Management, she has built an A-team including producer Matt Good.

Good recently reunited with buds and bandmates in From First To Last including Sonny Moore a.k.a. Skrillex. They hit the stage in LA for the first time in more than a decade to promote their new single, “Make War” and celebrate Skrillex’ 29th birthday.

Good’s beat making and influence can be heard throughout Peyton’s new record including the chorus on “Don’t Lie to Me.” The video for the melodic single is gaining attention on YouTube and could engage the masses if national radio, Spotify or XM Radio latches on.


With or without a label, her buzz continues to build. If A&R sleep on this girl, it doesn’t matter. Full heart, clear eyes, you can’t lose. She has the confidence, charisma, work ethic, songwriting and people behind her to take her game to the next level and break big.  We will be there when she does.

*August 2017 – Tragic Hero Records (Warner/ADA) announces signing Whitney Peyton

#TeamUnderDog. . . but not for long.

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Interview by: @theajrodriquez




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