The Sidewalk Sessions presented by launches “The Sidewalk Sessions” in partnership with Dr. Jekyll’s Craft Beer.

The Sidewalk Sessions at Bruno’s Presented by and Dr. Jekyll’s Craft Beer

We are now booking artists from all genres of music including alternative, rock, hip-hop, punk, electronic, DJ’s, R&B, folk, funk, pop, singer/songwriters, etc.

Local and touring artists are welcome. Booking Friday / Saturday nights throughout the summer at Bruno’s on Fillmore and Eddy in San Francisco, CA.

Our average capacity is anywhere from 20 up to 95 patrons at full capacity with windows / doors open to the patio to draw in further crowd and rotating crowd.

If booked, you can create a free event on Brown Paper Tickets to sell to your fans digital tickets in advance of the show @ or if you are looking to promote a show that will draw well and can provide your own door man to collect the cover charge that is also an option.

The Sidewalk Sessions

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-Set time could range from 45 minutes up to 3 hours if you have enough material for a solo show or we book you with other bands of your choosing or ours.
– We are open to combining back to back sets with bands you are friends with or played with before or creating a bill with other bands of our choosing
– 45 min to 1 hour sets with 15 minute change overs if multiple artists / bands booked.

Our stage specs are 10×8 left of the bar. Intimate venue. Flat Stage floor. 12 channel mixer, two speakers, mic and mic stand. You’re welcome to bring your own gear, monitors, mics, extra amps as desired.

We are also open to ideas. If you would like to promote a show or event in advance just let us know.

All ages shows

Beer | Wine | Food


*At the top of the Bio section please state “booking The Sidewalk Sessions.”

Artist / Band Name:
Number of members:
Link to music:
Photo / Bio:
How many fans do you think you will draw (please be honest):
Dates you are interested in booking:

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