City Under Siege Premiere “Killing Time”

city under siege
City Under Siege – “Killing Time” was featured in the 2016 film The Intervention

City Under Siege is a refreshing pop band that is killing time with reflective lyrics and soothing melodies.

You usually know within the first 20-3o seconds of a song if it’s going to draw you in. And, if you’re not hooked by the first hook, it’s time to move on. This song connects right away and has a chance to catch fire. Musically, it’s like a cold glass of orange juice first thing in the morning. It’s refreshing and goes down smooth while you gather your thoughts and think about the day ahead.

It’s wonderfully arranged with an even temp0 filled with rich acoustic tones. Lyrically, it’s a polite shot of vodka washing away the bitter taste of a bad breakup. It’s a well written song but the sting of getting over someone still resonates while you’re killing time.

“Killing time or two, I forget your face. Lonely Sunday afternoons spent without your smile, the bottle and the nicotine are the only friends I have.”


Cheers to the sounds of summer and farewell to past relationships. Keep writing and stay the course boys, good things are ahead.

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Catch City Under Siege on tour with Rookie of the Year.

city under siege
city under siege tour dates


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