Jay-Z Announces New Album ‘4:44’

Jay-Z Check out Tidal.com

Hov is back! Jay-Z announced that he is releasing a new album titled 4:44.

The album will be release exclusively through Jay-Z’s own streaming service, Tidal in partnership with Sprint. Sprint owns a 33% stake in Tidal. The marketing move is exclusive to Tidal subscribers and Sprint customers. Hip-hop heads rejoice, however you’re going to be limited on where and how you listen to it. Smart marketing move to drive new subscribers to Tidal and Sprint who may crave this album and his response to Beyonce’s Lemonade.

Jay-Z has always stuck to his guns lyrically but stays on top of trends and isn’t afraid to experiment with new sounds and cutting edge beats. It’ll be interesting to see who guest stars on the new LP and if there are some EDM influences or mumble rap beats on this next project.

4:44 is out now!

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jay-z new album 4:44

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