Leave The Universe debut ‘N.W.O.’

Leave The Universe (photo courtesy of The Catalyst Publicity Group / 30 Dead Records)

Alternative / trap 3-piece Leave The Universe demand a New World Order.

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When we evaluate and curate new bands for our editorial, we are always looking for that trigger moment of  “wow, this is something really different,” while listening to a song.

Something that connects whether it be lyrically, musically, or melodically. Thirty seconds into a song, we want it to grab our attention and not let go.

Leave The Universe‘s single “If You Find Me” off their debut EP N.W.O.  did just that. The overall melody and theme of this song is sullen yet mesmerizing. Hints of punk, new wave, industrial and electronic synth compliment the lead vocals of Cameron Cole who’s voice pulls from deep emotions to overcome fear and doubt.


“This song is a very personal song about depression and disconnection from the world.  I have always felt like I don’t fit in, and it’s often been hard for me to connect with a lot of people like an outsider looking in.  This song is about wanting to find that one person that you connect with, that can pull you out of the darkness and make you feel human again,” Cole states.

In the wake of the tragic suicides of two of music’s greatest heroes, “If You Find Me” and songs like it are a light house for hope. You are not alone. Find your way out of here, out of the disconnect.

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