Billboard Reveals Digital Power Players in Music Tech

The Top 50 music tech executives impacting the music industry.

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Music and tech are synonymous now. In the early 2000’s music streaming, peer-to-peer sharing and illegal digital downloads completely distrupted the music industry. Over the last two decades, brilliant minds have been figuring out a way to bridge the gap.

New systems and technologies are now in place to ensure songwriters, publishers, artists and record labels get paid accordingly while music consumers can still easily download, stream and share music at reasonable rates.

These executives efforts have come to fruition. While it’s not a perfect system as proper payouts and licensing agreements are still being ironed out and copyright infringement is still a concern, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Music tech is the present and future. Music industry revenues have surged to over $15.7 billion dollars this year. Here are the thought leaders and power players who are spearheading the new world order in music as curated by Billboard. READ MORE 



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