gP. Kicks-Off The Rooftop Sessions

San Francisco trip rock lords, Ghost Parade ignited The Rooftop Sessions presented by

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gP. (Ghost Parade) | The Roof Top Sessions

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The Bay Area is a melting pot of eclectic musical styles and break-thru artists from Jefferson Airplane to the Grateful Dead, Santana, Metallica, Journey, G-Eazy to Kaskade and countless others.

We wanted to honor all of the artists and songs that have embodied the city’s music scene over the years, and whose notes have drifted up toward the skyline by launching The Rooftop Sessions. The curated live music platform will feature monthly performances from emerging and major artists, both local and touring, to carry on the Bay Area’s rich tradition of promoting progressive music and pop culture.


The edited monthly series can be watched thru RSD upon announcement, while a real-time and uncut live stream of each performance and artist interaction can be viewed on our Facebook page or Twitter.

Fronted by talented songwriter and lead vocalist Justin Bonifacio, we couldn’t have picked a better band than gP. to set the tone for The Roof Top Sessions.


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