Balanced Breakfast is a New Way for Artists and Industry to Connect

Founder Stefan Aronsen shares why he opted to talk shop over coffee to create a new kind of social network for musicians.

balanced breakfast meetup, music conferences
Balanced Breakfast groups meet twice a month for coffee in different markets to share ideas, promote shows, and more.

The Bay Area music scene has evolved over the years and is home to some of the most influential artists in the world and pop culture, including Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Metallica,  G-Eazy and Kaskade to name a few.

Its a melting pot of creative types, artists, musicians, free thinkers, start-ups, game changers and disrupters who are carving out their own lane in an evolving digital world.

The music industry has been turned on its head over the last decade and Aronsen is on a mission to help unite and educate emerging artists and industry in local markets and beyond.

Artists and industry connect twice a month in various markets to share ideas, best practices and what they can do to stay ahead of the game.


Join the Balanced Breakfast movement, download the app and get connected.



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