We Set Signals Release “Remember Me”

We Set Signals might be the next post hardcore band to breakthrough.

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We Set Signals (photo – We Are Triumphant)

Combining elements of post-hardcore, metalcore, and pop punk, this 4-piece is hitting the scene with force releasing a video for their lead single “Remember Me”off of their debut EP Abandon Ship.

“So we give in to the pressure because we have no way to measure,”  “It’s all a blur but it seems so clear to me” just wait for the breakdown at 2:22 on this song.

If you don’t elevate wherever you’re sitting or standing, the volume isn’t loud enough.


When these boys from Oz get out on the road, combined with Spotify, YouTube, and social pushes, they will have the chance to amass a large following quickly. They have the sound, musicianship, and all the tools. Not a lot of development needed, the signals are all there.

Get ”Abandon Ship” EP Here: https://fanlink.to/xHG

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