Tribal Seeds Live at The Fillmore

Tribal Seeds toured through San Francisco, CA in support of their new album Roots Party and played the legendary Fillmore West.

tribal seeds, reggae
Louie Castle guitar / vocals Tribal Seeds (photo –

Five years ago, when I founded, our first on-camera interview was with an emerging reggae/rock band called Black Bottom Lighters at Floyd’s Barber Shop in Venice, CA.

Reggae/ rock has always had a special place in our hearts on principle, people, sound, and vibes.

BBL, a talented band in their own right opened shows for Tribal Seeds and five years after that first interview, I had the opportunity to shoot TS at The Fillmore in Northern California. It was a moment of reflection.

Tribal Seeds is one of those bands that you have to see live to truly appreciate their sound and musicianship. They are reggae culture, positivity, calmness, spirituality, and serenity of the senses. They played to a packed house and the ghost of Jerry Garcia no doubt applauded from the back of the room with a smile on his face and a joint in his fingertips.


tribal seeds, reggae, rock
Steve Jacobs lead vocals / guitar Tribal Seeds (photo-

Though roots reggae, they are also in a category of bands like The Grateful Dead, Phish, and The Dave Matthews Band in my opinion. They can jam with the best of them and have an equally loyal following.

Their mates in The Expanders and The Original Wailers opened up the show and set the tone for the night. You could sense their gratitude and for the opportunity to be a part of a tour like this as they played tribute to their fallen brother Bob Marley and other originals.

The lights dimmed, cannabis smoke rose to the rafters and Steve Jacobs stepped onto the stage, cool, calm and rasta collected. Playing hits spanning a combination of eleven EPs and LPs and new songs from their latest release Roots Party, their performance was made for auditoriums like this.

Their single “Gunsmoke” is fire, politically relevant and right for the times not to mention showcasing one of the sickest beats I’ve ever heard on a reggae album. Thanks for making the trek up from SoCal to hang with us family.

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