Are Music Festivals Ready for the Legal Use of Marijuana?

FestForums SF hopes to change the conversation on how to legally integrate cannabis into music festivals and events.

festforums sf, legal cannabis, emerald cupSince music’s inception into society and the very first Monterey Pop Festival and Woodstock, lighting up a joint while listening to your favorite band has been a right of passage. Though technically not legal, most venues have turned a blind eye and accepted marijuana as part of the culture.

Fast forward to 2016, 8 states including Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington have passed legislation legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Though legalized by each state, at a micro level, legal roadblocks to completely and openly sell and enjoy cannabis at music festivals and events is still a challenge.

An even bigger question, how do festivals legally monetize recreational marijuana and facilitate sponsorships? The Co-Producers of FestForums, Laurie Kirby and Stuart MacNaught are on a mission to help provide these answers and find the right solutions.

“It’s something everyone is talking about. How can festivals cash in on the legalization of marijuana? FestForums SF is starting off with a snapshot of who is doing what in the industry and providing an exciting lineup of panelists around this discussion,” MacNaught stated.


Guest speakers and panelists including cannabis advocacy patriarch Steve Deangelo of Harbor Side Health Center, one of the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in the world, will be leading the charge on how to integrate the marijuana industry into events.

“We’re trying to include people who have successfully integrated cannabis into their festivals and how others can apply it. There’s a lot of legal issues around how cannabis sales can be affected by legacy alcohol sponsorships and sales for example. So, we’re just trying to get the experts in to talk about all of it to help educate others,” MacNaught added.


FestForums SF takes place on Friday, March 30th from 9 am – 6:30 pm PT, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA.


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