Happy Record Store Day

Qrates is a marketplace where artists can create vinyl records on demand directly for music fans. #happyrecordstoreday

Happy Record Store Day. Create your own vinyl records in the Qrates marketplace. LEARN MORE @ qrates.com

The vinyl record revival has been a breath of fresh air in a world saturated by digital downloads and music streaming. With a decline in physical CD sales over the last two decades, music has become tangible again thru vinyl records. Music fans across the world still enjoy flocking to shops to check out new releases and legacy presses.

Record store day optimizes the movement that launched the music industry in the first place, the sales of vinyl records. Vinyl creates a rich sound and album art and inserts matter again. Fans want to have a real connection with the music they are listening to.

We had the pleasure of being introduced to a company called Qrates a couple of years ago at the SF Music Tech Summit in San Francisco, CA. Qrates is a savvy new company that helps artists vinylize their music through crowdfunding. It’s an in-demand vinyl manufacturing model with drop-shipping to help further reduce overhead costs and put more money in an artist’s pocket. We dig.

About Qrates 

Each record on Qrates has its own unique project page where artists can control and manage how they offer their music to the Qrates community. Whether it be taking pledges for a crowdfunding project or taking pre-orders for a record ready for the presses, artists have direct access to their backers and customers along with the full support of the Qrates team to make each project truly special.

LEARN MORE @ qrates.com


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