J. Cole Drops ‘KOD’

J. Cole ‘KOD’ album art (photo – @JColeNC)

J. Cole refuses to bow down to new wave rappers on KOD.

The 33-year old MC and his smooth, articulate delivery take shots at the new wave of rappers climbing the charts. Perplexed by hyper-inflated egos, face tats, and cartoon character hair colors, J. Cole is not impressed with the Lil Pump’s of the world on his single “1985 (Intro to the fall off).”

He’s stated in interviews that new wave hip-hop has slowly grown on him and there are artists that he respects like Trippie Red, however, the majority of the new genre-bending MCs are not on his good side.

Stripped down beats and backpack music could sum up Cole’s latest effort. There’s some dope tracks,  “Motiv8” captures Cole’s signature sound while “Photograph” reflects on social media love and narcissism and how to approach a girl he’s never met before based on her photographs. R&B ballads serenade the overall record. Keep wearing that crown J. Cole, lyrics still matter.


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