Elohim Shined at The Fonda Theatre

Emerging pop and electronic artist Elohim dropped her self-titled debut album on Friday to a mesmerized L.A. crowd.

Elohim at The Fonda Theatre (photo – Keegan Pitz | Rockstardreams.com)

Vivacious chills ran through the audience as the curtains lifted, lights dimmed and violins echoed throughout The Fonda Theatre in anticipation of Elohim.

Cool, calm, and stylish she walked onto the stage in a hooded trench coach to screams and applause. Mysterious, sexy, confident and owning the moment, Elohim has arrived.

We first heard her single “Fuck Your Money” on SoundCloud a few months ago and on first listen thought to ourselves, ‘this song has the potential to be a hit and this girl could be the next breakthrough artist.’ And, she is. “I’ve got love instead of money, I’ve got love fuck your money.”

Fast forward, Elohim now has love and money as she has since signed a management deal with Deckstar (Steve Aoki, RAC, Blink-182), was picked up by powerhouse EDM booking agents, Circle Talent Agency (Kygo, Mashmello) and as of yesterday put out her first full-length record on BMG.


Elohim (photo – Keegan Pitz | Rockstardreams.com)

Her ear for beat making, mixing and arrangements is rivaled only by her sweet and soft vocals that speak volumes over introspective lyrics.  Her songwriting overcomes insecurities, conquers love, and embraces friendship and playful drug use while raising a middle finger to the stereotypical L.A. lifestyle.

Elohim’s sound and stage presence is refreshing, her dance moves are quirky yet lovable, and her sense of cool is exemplified by her shades hiding behind dark shoulder-length hair.

This artist has all of the tangible and intangible qualities of a great songwriter, producer, and innovator. Hot off a set at Coachella, Elohim reaffirmed her growing status and fanbase. Daisy’s up, catch a set for yourself and take a listen to her new album Elohim. The universe is yours.

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