gP. Destroy, So As To Build

gP. continue to build their fan base on a foundation of intricate arrangements and stellar songwriting.

Alternative trip rock artists, gP. (photo – @gpisreal)

We’ve been a fan of alternative trip rock artists gP. for quite some time now and have been rooting for a breakthrough. With each release, they are close, very close.

We invited the now 4-piece to showcase at the San Francisco Music Conference and they sound just as good live as they do in the studio. They are a band that grows on you with each listen and each song has its own epic moments.

“Working toward absolution, when everything got so crazy, in need of a revolution, when everyone’s gotten so crazy.”

Insert the breakdown and bridge after this line on “Birdcage” then wait for the guitars at 1:55 and this song soars right through you. gP. is a vibe, a feeling, and an experience.


Take a listen to their self-titled EP. Throw on the over-ear headphones and embrace the tone, melodies, and lyrics. Get lost in the possibilities, gP. is real.

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