Musician Rescue Is Helping To Break New Bands

Shan Dan Horan, the President of Outerloop Records is launching a new TV series called Musician Rescue.

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In the age of digital streaming and  YouTube success, it’s easier than ever to bring your music to market, yet harder than ever for your songs to become relevant for most artists.

On one hand, a song can be added to a curated Spotify playlist and blow up overnight. On the other, your songs can get lost in the shuffle and become a needle in a haystack of needles.

In addition to pop, EDM, and hip-hop dominating the Billboard charts,  the online music world is saturated with parody and it has become more difficult for full bands to have their voices heard. Some artists buzz while others fall into obscurity.

While others have great songs and just need a little push from the right team around them to help get them over the edge.


Shan Dan Horan of Outerloop Records and former Prez of Artery Recordings, (Slaves, Atilla, Capture The Crown) which was acquired by Warner Music Group, has worked in just about every aspect of the music industry.


While managing his label duties he continues to direct music videos under his own imprint Shadow Born Group. He’s helped A&R  records that have sold over 1 million units combined while doing stints at Fearless, Arter, and Century Media. He’s co-written songs, made choices on album art, helped set up tours, and has a hand in artist management, booking and event promotion.

He’s about as well rounded as they come in the industry. Oh and he’s a genuine and an all-around good dude. Horan has dedicated his life to the music world and his fellow artists. Now he’s lifting the veil to give back. For the bands lucky enough to have a shot like this. Take a chance, it’ll be worth it.

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