Falling In Reverse Drop the Music Video for “Losing My Life”

Ronnie Radke reflects on the past, present, and future while giving the middle finger to them all in “Losing My Life.”

Pushing the creative envelope, Falling In Reverse continues to set their own pace with the electronic and hip-hop laced “Losing My Life.”  The follow up to “Losing My Mind,” Radke won’t surrender to other’s opinions while exploring a creative process that is driven by a dark edge that has helped fuel memorable tracks including this epic ballad.


The song and video playout like a film. Radke doesn’t apologize for evolving his own future or the post-hardcore music scene. The arrangement and songwriting is filled with double kick drums, passionate rage, introspective insights, self-destructive tendencies yet a feeling of conquest. He is an old soul trapped in a progressive mind.  He is a Roman general in a battlefield of Blade Runners. Losing his mind was just part of the plan.

Stream and download Falling In Reverse “Losing My Life” here: https://ffm.to/fir_losingmylife


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