Welcome To The Neighbourhood Boston Manner

Boston Manner’s new album is set to release on September 7th.

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Boston Manor ‘Welcome To The Neighbourhood’ (photo – @BSTNMNR)

The Blackpool punk/rock band’s music video for “Bad Machine” reflects the gritty streets of the working class British town that they grew up in along with the anxious political and social climate that is afflicting both sides of the pond right now.

The music video and the song are ominous, dark, and a battle with depression. It’s a release to try and overcome bad thoughts that we all become victims of at times and has taken too many of our musical heroes.

“I fell by the wayside. I fell in the gutter. Lost all of my money and I lost my lover. Who bet double or nothing. I just wanna be someone. I just wanna be something.”

The music video is like a scene from The Purge and an internal switchblade fight with your own demons.


We knew we wanted to capture some of the sleaziness of the track & condense the video down to a sequence of ‘moments’, almost like a movie trailer. The song has such massive differences in dynamics between the verses & choruses so it was important that we captured that in the video,” lead vocalist Henry Cox states.

Since the release of their first EP Here/Now in 2013Boston Manor continues to build on a solid foundation with progressive hard driving guitars, layered song arrangements, and an edgy hard rock feel, with their latest effort Welcome To The Neighbourhood. There’s also a tone of frustration in Cox’s songwriting and a will for things to change.

“I’m just trying to draw attention to a few issues,” Cox says. “The things that are important to my generation are just so trivial in my eyes, but who am I to say? I can’t really offer any immediate solutions, but I can try to throw a bucket of cold water on some of my peers, to just get them to feel more and think more and not be so apathetic.”





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