Njomza is all R&B Soul and Vocals

Pop-soul R&B artist Njomza is poised to carve out her own lane in the music world after signing with Capitol Records.

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Njomza – ‘Vacation’ is out now (photo – @njomza)

I had the opportunity to hang with an emerging songstress from Chicago, IL by the name of Njomza recently. Before I knew she was even a singer-songwriter, I was compelled by her name and personality and knew she had a story to tell.

She has a genuine and down to earth quality about her while exuding a natural charisma and a swagger that is reflective in her songwriting and vocals. Her voice is distinctive with a tinge of raspiness that echoes some Mo Town greats.

She has an edge, style, and toughness with introspective yet harden eyes that come from heartbreak and overcoming adversity as reflected in her EP and single “Sad For You.”

Her ballads are passionate, deep, and connect while uptempo dance tracks and remixes like “Caskets” and “Riding Solo” are uplifting and forward-thinking party starters.


Njomza was recently signed by Capitol Records and is in good company alongside label mates Adelle and Halsey. She is versatile and can shine through on everything from blues ballad,  to a pop record, EDM track while holding her own on a hip-hop feature.

Her latest single “Lonely Nights” is best listened to fire side with a glass of whiskey neat in my opinion. It’s passionate, provocative, and an open invitation to be caressed with lips kissed softly while eyes closed. “White sheets, lipstick, stay bodied, I could paint a picture darling.”

Her new EP Vacation is out now. Take a listen.

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