XXXtentacion’s final album ‘Skins’ Draws Controversy

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XXXtentacion ‘Skins’ album cover (photo – @xxxtentacion

After being gunned down earlier this year in a carjacking and theft attempt, rising hip-hop star XXXtentacion‘s music and legacy was further catapulted into the spotlight amid his death, on-going turmoil on domestic violence charges, and co-signs and collaborations with hip-hop legends like Kanye West.

With his post-mortem album release of Skins, XXXtentacion’s brilliance as an artist and inner struggle with his demons is on full display.

It can be dark, reflective, genius and create creative while answering some questions and leaving others unanswered. It’s engaging and curios. It’s a half-finished farewell letter that he didn’t know he was writing. 

The single “One Minute” which features West has drawn controversy for victim blaming, insinuating that the young rapper was guilty before proven innocent and that no one blames the accuser if their accusations are false.  It’s a bold statement in the current state of the  #MeToo movement but Kanye West has never been one to hold back. The charges were later dropped by his former girlfriend who was pregnant at the time of the assumed incident. 

It’s an unfortunate dark cloud that hovers over XXXtentacion’s legacy. With so much more to say and no way to say it, only his music can speak for him now.

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