Escape The Fate 10 Years

Certain bands were built for Hollywood and the Whiskey a Go Go. Escape The Fate is one of them. 10 years ago, an emerging post-hardcore band rose from the ashes after a break with a talented lead vocalist. The result was an infectious metal anthem “This War Is Ours” led by new frontman Craig Mabbitt.

The pulsating song helped define a decade of metalcore and post-hardcore bands that pulled from 80’s inspiration. They have since carved out their own lane and have helped metal stay alive and well amongst a new generation of fans.

The guitar riffs from Max Green (founding member no longer with the band) and percussions by original founding member Robert Ortiz drove home an infectious sound, lifestyle, and feeling that still echoes 10 years later.

That sound was recaptured at a sold out show at The Whiskey a few days before Christmas below the watchful eyes of Jim Morrison. It has transcended the stages of the Vans Warped Tour multiple times over the years and countless other venues worldwide.

“Yes, I will see you, through the smoke and flames
On the front lines of war
We have to find a better way
And I will stand my ground until the end
Till we conquer them all
We have to find a better way.”

These words reflected the political turmoil of a Spartan march during the times and inspired a legion of fans and new artists to find their own way through despairity.

Currently, on tour in Europe, the march continues playing on their legacy of songs and recent reflections with their new LP ‘I am Human.’ Escape The Fate continues to thrive, highlighted by forward-thinking arrangements and guitar solos from K. Thrash. They are an eclectic mix of talented musicians that connect each and every night and with each digital stream. Escape The Fate have overcome the obscurity of an era and defined their own destiny.

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