Monetize Your Music

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Keegan Pitz (center) is the author of D.I.Y. a musician’s guide and has over 15 years of music industry experience.

D.I.Y. a musician’s guide will help you monetize your music in the digital world.

D.I.Y: a musician’s guide is an e-book designed to help DIY artists and industry monetize their music. Understand music streaming services and payouts on Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music, and how to get online distribution to these services.

Learn how synch licensing works and companies you can submit your music to for tv, film, and video game placements. Learn how to set up an online drop shipping store to save on merch costs and how fans can buy directly without you having to pay for the product in advance or having to store merchandise.


Monetize Your Music is an easy read filled with actionable insights, tips, links, and recommendations. The author Keegan Pitz has a passion for music and helping artists with over 15 years of music industry experience in music journalism, digital advertising, radio, promoting shows, curating music conferences and events and developing forward-thinking marketing strategies.



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