“If You Will It….It Is No Dream”

Chicago native Jarid Dietrich has no super powers but he is smart enough to get the Incredible Hulk and the right people for his organization, as he puts it, to pull together an A-team of booking agents, PR and marketing professionals and a group of people who have a relentless passion to make True Music Festival happen.

Dietrich… read more

Rock Star Rides: 2013 SEMA Show

The annual SEMA Show is the auto world equivalent of a tricked out Fender guitar with a custom fingerboard, frets, a gold leaf powder coated body, and a headstock so unique and stylish that you can’t help but stare in awe and amazement of the design before you. Throw in the electric atmosphere of Vegas, stunning promotion… read more

Great read in XXL Magazine by Kris Ex “Position of Power” about former Def Jam executive Kevin Liles

Kevin Liles went from Def Jam intern in 1991 to CEO by 1999 to world business leader in 2013 and has paved the road and set the example for how to be successful in the music industry and in business. Executive, innovator, entrepreneur. Inspiring read starting on page 67! Educate yourself if you want to make it in this… read more

The 2013 MTV Music Awards – Epic to Odd

 The 2013 MTV Music Awards in Brooklyn, NY is a wrap and RSD was on hand to witness all of the madness.   We thought for sure Jay-Z was going to make an appearance and do a surprise performance at the end of the night and bring down the house but no dice.  However, there were some… read more