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6 thoughts on “SUBSCRIBE FREE

  1. Shannon Jacobs says:


    I would like more information on becoming a new artist and how to promote myself.

    1. Editor-In-Chief Keegan Pitz says:

      Hi Shannon! Sorry for the delay, you subscribed you will receive newsletters and updates. For starters, click on the Submit Music tab on the upper left corner of the site if you are interested in submitting music for interview, write-up and album review consideration. Stay tuned for email alerts for chances to play shows, music festivals and more!

  2. bisma says:

    Saya ingin musik Dj akmal dan robong raki

  3. Phil Bell says:

    Hi Keegan,
    My interest is in promotion and distribution and how to develop further what I’m already doing.go about this.
    Regards Phil

  4. Thanks For The opportunity to Submit My Music, I hope you like it, it is liked, but everyone doesn’t have to same listening taste, I AM fine with that, I would a a review anyway.
    BIGDRU INC.(c)

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